Fudian Bank

Notice of incoming letters

Product descriptions

The notice of incoming letter means that Fudian Bank will notify the beneficiary of the received L/C / L/G / SBLC or amendments.

Product features

To enable the beneficiary of the L/C / L/G / SBLC to receive the L/C, L/G, SBLC or amendments that have been verified to be authentic.

Applicable customers

Beneficiary of L/C / L/G / SBLC

Application conditions

1. The applicant has been approved and registered in accordance with the law, and has an annually verified legal person business license or other valid documents which can prove its business legitimacy and business scope;

2. The applicant has import and export rights.

Handling process

1. Upon receipt of the foreign certificate or amendment, the Bank will verify its authenticity by checking the seal or the test key;

2. The Bank will notify the beneficiary of the certificate or amendment, and give a reminder of the potential risks in the terms.