Fudian Bank

Inward collection

Product descriptions

The Bank accepts the entrustment of the foreign correspondent bank to collect the import payment from the importer according to the collection instructions of the correspondent bank and then delivers the relevant commercial documents to the importer.

Product classification

Inward collection is divided into two methods: Document against Payment (D/P) and Document against Acceptance (D/A).

Product features

1. Low cost — the bank fees are relatively low, which helps the importer and the exporter save financial expenses and control costs;

2. Simple and easy to operate — compared with L/C, the procedure is simple and easy to operate;

3. Less capital occupation — during the preparation and shipment stage, the exporter does not have to pay in advance or tie up the capital. After paying for the goods or making an acceptance, the goods documents can be obtained immediately and the goods can be disposed of;

4. Improve cash flow — under the Document against Acceptance, the importer can obtain the goods documents and dispose of the goods after making an acceptance, and the payment is made after the goods are sold and cash inflows, the capital occupation is almost zero, and the financial situation and solvency have been effectively improved.

Applicable customers

1. The importer hopes to pay the exporter by a simpler and cheaper way than by L/C.

2. The Document against Payment (D/P) can be used, if the importer has sufficient working capital.

3. The Document against Acceptance (D/A) can be used, if the importer is short of working capital and needs the exporter to provide financing convenience for documents against payment after sight and has a good cooperative relationship with the exporter.

Application conditions

1. The applicant has been approved and registered in accordance with the law, and has an annually verified legal person business license or other valid documents which can prove its business legitimacy and business scope;

2. The applicant has the import-export operation right.


Under the Document against Payment, the documents that the importer needs to submit to the bank are: payment/acceptance notice, import verification sheet, and application for purchase of foreign exchange (when foreign exchange purchase is required).

Business flow

1. After the foreign exporter prepares and ships the goods, he submits the relevant documents to the local bank for collection.

2. The bank at where the exporter is located will send the collection documents to the Bank, and the Bank will notify the importer to make payment (D/P) or handle acceptance (D/A) in accordance with the instructions of the collecting bank.

3. After the importer has made the payment or acceptance to the exporter through the Bank, the Bank shall deliver the documents to the importer. Under D/A, the Bank will notify the collecting bank of the importer’s acceptance status.

4. On the due date of acceptance under D/A, the importer pays the exporter through the Bank and the collecting bank.


1. Under D/A, you must go to the Bank to handle the acceptance procedures of the usance bill in accordance with the regulations and make timely payment on the due date of the draft.

2. You can also apply to the Bank for handling the trade financing services such as import bill purchase collection/ discounting, refinancing, etc..