Fudian Bank

Investigation of credit information

Product descriptions

The business of investigation of credit information refers to to create a credit investigation report based on the client’s entrusment, and the commercial credit reports provided by the cooperation with external credit investigation companies, or the information about the relevant enterprise sch as the basic background, credit status, payment capabilities, bad records, etc. provided by our domestic and overseas correspondent banks, and provide the report or information to the customer.

Product functions

The product helps companies understand target customers, identify and control credit risks, and find potential sources of profit.

Product features

1. Reduce business risks. Provide companies with timely and comprehensive credit information, help companies evaluate and think about survey subjects, identify high-risk customers, so as to reduce business risks.

2. Look for business opportunities. Help companies better understand target customers and find potential sources of profit.

Applicable customers

Companies do not know about the counterparty, and hope to evaluate target customers, identify and control credit risks, and look for potential sources of profit.

Business flow

1. According to the transaction and specific credit report needs, the customer applies to Fudian Bank for credit investigation business;

2. Fudian Bank conducts credit investigation according to customer credit investigation requirements;

3. After Fudian Bank completes the credit investigation report, it will deliver the report to the customer through the entrusting bank (if any).


When applying for credit investigation business, the applicant shall submit an application , which shall indicate: the name, address, telephone number, and fax of the entity under investigation; the investigation of overseas customers must provide the English name, address and bank information.