Fudian Bank

Intermediate Business

1. Non-financing letter of guarantee

In this business, the Bank, at the request of the applicants, issues written guarantee to the beneficiaries, guaranteeing that when the applicants fail to perform obligations or commitments under fundamental contracts or agreements entered into between the applicants and the beneficiaries, the Bank undertakes payment obligations on behalf of the applicants in a certain amount within a certain period of time as agreed in the letter of guarantee.

2. Entrusted loan

In this business, the clients deposit legal funds at their disposal with the Bank, and the Bank grants the funds on behalf of the clients to prospective borrowers determined by the clients, for purposes, in amounts, currencies and terms and at rates required by the clients, and assists in the supervision of funds application and collection.

3. Letter of intent for loan granting

Expression of intention by the Bank to clients to grant loans to them in a certain amount subject to meeting credit-granting conditions of the Bank.

4. Consultation

Financial services in investment and financing, industrial research, risk control, financial consultation, assets management, etc., provided by the Bank based on our industrial, information, funds and talents advantages.

5. Proof of funds

Proof the Bank issued to clients proving their effective funds deposited with the Bank, falling into the time-point proof and time-frame point.