Fudian Bank

Fudian Banks "453" Development Strategic Plan for the Future

Optimize quality:

We will enhance our core competitiveness and sustainable development capability in an all-round way and realize coordinated and balanced growth of "quality, efficiency and scale". We will promote intensive and connotative development, improve the input-output ratio, and enhance the quality and efficiency of development.

Increase volume:

We will strengthen the sense of crisis and urgency in survival, and continuously set off "leapfrog development and striving for first class" throughout the bank; We must keep up with the upsurge of "comparing, learning, catching up and striving to be the first", adhere to taking development as the top priority, and devote ourselves to becoming a first-class city commercial bank in the country, which basically matches Yunnan's economic ranking in the country.

Highlight features:

We should find out our own position, form our own characteristics, give full play to our comparative advantages, and unswervingly follow the road of characteristic management, professional development and differentiated competition.

Create excellent products:

We must firmly establish a first-class awareness and a sense of high-quality products, work intensively, carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, and establish the bank's first-class image of high-quality products in the financial industry of the whole province and even the whole country.

Five finances

Digital finance: We should seize the opportunity of the digital economy, implement the bank's digital finance strategy around the path of "taking system architecture as the foundation, taking open cross-border as the path, and making organizational change as the starting point", and promote the transformation, innovation and growth of the bank's business.

Green finance: We will actively respond to the overall plan of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to speed up the construction of ecological civilization and the green "three cards" strategy of Yunnan Province, provide diversified "financing" and "integration" financial services, and build a first-class green financial comprehensive service provider.

Inclusive finance: Based on the principle of "serving the national strategy, serving the real economy and serving the weak links", we will further improve the quality of financial service supply and actively support the rural revitalization strategy.

Tourism finance: We will integrate the entire tourism industry chain and ecological circle, further improve the three major tourism financial product systems: corporate finance, supply chain finance and consumer finance, and build a comprehensive tourism financial service system that matches Yunnan as a major tourism province.

Cross-border finance: We will vigorously develop cross-border finance, promote cross-border finance to upgrade from characteristic business to pillar sector, and accelerate the construction of a new pattern of international financial services for Fudian Bank.

Modernization, Internationalization and Publicity:

Modernization——Quality   Internationalization——Pattern   Publicity——Image